Vakantie mer de 2CV

Rental tariffs

Desired rental period 2CV
Standard times delivery & return
High season
(1.7 – 31.8)
Low season
(1.9 – 30.6)
1 day
9 am – 7 pm
€ 119.00
€ 109.00
  • Saturday to Sunday
9 am – 7 pm
€ 199.00
€ 179.00
  • Monday to Friday
9 am – 7 pm
€ 325.00
€ 299.00
1 week
  • Friday to Thursday
  • Saturday to Friday
  • Sunday to Saturday
  • Monday to Sunday
9 am – 7 pm
€ 499.00
€ 449.00
2 weeks
  • Friday to Thursday
  • Saturday to Friday
  • Sunday to Saturday
  • Monday to Sunday
9 am – 7 pm
€ 899.00
€ 849.00

Special tariffs pick-up and transfer service from local airports and train stations
If you travel by train or plane, we can pick you up at the train station or the airport. For the return trip, you can use our services as well. For this pick-up and transfer service we use the following rates:

1 – Train station Angoulême: pick-up or transfer costs at € 65.00 per trip
2 – Bergerac airport: pick-up or transfer costs at € 80.00 per trip
3 – Bordeaux airport: pick-up or transfer costs at € 100.00 per trip

Accessories for rent
GPS Tom Tom € 5,00 p/day  
Child car seat € 3,50 p/day
Picnic basket € 3,50 p/day *  
* supplied basket price at request    

Terms and conditions Tour de Canard

1. In order to drive one of our 2CV's, you must be over 25 years old and have held a valid driving license for at least 3 years. Do not allow any person to drive the vehicle unless they meet the above criteria.

2. Once we receive confirmation from you (by E-mail or letter) that you would like to hire a vehicle the reservation is secured. Payment for the agreed rental period will take place on collection of the car and must be settled in full in cash.

3. Upon collection of the car you must also pay a deposit of € 750.00 in cash. Provided that the car is returned to us in its original condition the deposit will be refunded. We ask that the car is returned with a full tank of petrol. If the car is returned without a full tank, an amount of € 10.00 will be charged in addition to the cost of the outstanding litres. These costs will be deducted from your deposit. Any fines will be charged to you later.

4. At the beginning of the rental period we will deliver your rented 2CV to Aubeterre at 9.00 am. At the end of the rental period the car must be returned to same address in Aubeterre no later than 7.00 pm. If a different time/location is agreed with you, then naturally these special conditions apply.

5. We assume that you will be very careful with our 2CV's. After all, it is no ordinary car but a very special old-timer, lovingly cared for and maintained by us. Therefore we ask you please: not to allow animals in the vehicle; not to smoke in the vehicle; to take care not to damage the upholstery; to drive the car gently and safely; to pay attention to the speed limits; always to re-fuel the car with unleaded 98.

6. There is an excess of € 750.00 on the insurance. If you are involved in an accident due to your own negligence, we can charge you a maximum of € 750.00 for the damages.

7. In case of damage, an accident or break-down, please inform us straight away by calling: +33 6 31 20 68 33. We will urgently try to find you a solution and provide assistance when necessary. Please never leave the car unattended without contacting us. We cannot be held responsible for the consequences of unforeseen technical failures of the 2CV.

Finally, we wish you to experience a relaxing and enjoyable tour surrounded by beautiful scenery in one of our lovingly restored 2CV’s.

Peter van Heijst & Marianne Hazejager

Tour de Canard
2CV gossip...
In 1981 the famous French cook and creator of the ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’ Paul Bocuse, ordered 5000 miniature 2CV vans painted with his name, filled them with his best culinary wishes and sent them to his privileged clients as a New Year wish.