Vakantie mer de 2CV
« La Petite Grise » AM-442-NW
« La Petite Azure » AP-873-CC
« La Petite Bleue » BP-137-PJ

The Citroën 2CV alias "Deux Chevaux" is known worldwide, yet still this friendly looking old-timer seems to be very popular, proven by the existence of the many tour and fan clubs, the trade in 2nd hand 2CV’s and accessories, the rental companies, etc.

But what makes the 2CV and touring around in it really so special? Is it perhaps the simplicity of the car? Or the image of freedom and the relaxed pace? Or our craving for nostalgia and the good memories that the 2CV stirs in so many people? The answer is different and personal for everyone, but one thing is clear: the « Deux Chevaux » is far from finished and is still free to explore many French country roads!

In our selection of 3 rental 2CV’s we have consciously chosen a model that can cope with the hilly area of Southwest France and the often hot summers! The Citroën 2CV6, with its slightly more powerful engine and its folding roof, is the perfect fit, and ensures you of an unforgettable touring experience!

More details? Select the model of your choice and read all the ins and outs of your favourite 2CV………

Tour de Canard
2CV gossip...
A 2CV driver in a somewhat isolated region of France, who thought the daily journey to and from work took too long, had discovered that he could save 20 km every day by bumping along the sleepers of the railway line, behind the train or in front...