Citoen 2CV rental in south west france

Explore and enjoy the Southwest of France in an unforgettable way and feel free as a BIRD……!

La douce France....... a versatile holiday destination, which guarantees culinary delights, fine wines, beautiful nature and last but not least the native country of the Citroën 2CV! Who can forget the hilarious movies with comedian Louis de Funès, in which crazy chases take place in, how could it be otherwise, a 2CV.

Tour de now offers you the opportunity to rent a 2CV and to explore at your own pace the authentic Southwest France in the most nostalgic and relaxing way around! Imagine yourself for once behind the wheel of a « Deux Chevaux », touring carefree on the French country roads and simply enjoying the sun, the nature and the French atmosphere. No stress, no traffic jams, but only a well-supplied picnic basket in the back and all the time in the world to enjoy yourself! A visit to a wine château, a morning at one of the many local markets, a stay in a typical French hotel…… anything is possible!

And just for a while you feel free as a BIRD......!

Rent a 2CV
Petit canard, petit canard, petit canard, avec toi je suis toujours en retard...

Petit canard, petit canard, petit canard, mais avec toi j’arrive quand je pars...
T’es fidèle, toi
très fidèle à moi...

Petit canard, petit canard, petit canard, tu m’enivres comme un bon coup de marc!

Quotation from:

« een EEND van vijfendertig »
ISBN 90 6074 592 2
Ernst van Altena, juli 1983