Vakantie mer de 2CV Specifications « La Petite Grise »

Type : 2CV6 spécial
Year of construction : 1987
Registration number : AM-442-NW
Fuel : petrol (unleaded 98)
# Seats : 4
# Doors : 4
Lining : fabric
Extra’s   : radio; lighter-electric point for navigation system

A lovingly cared for mouse-gray 2CV6 Spécial. The blue and white lining of the seat covers gives this old-timer a very summery look…. roof open, radio on and off you go!

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2CV gossip...
The original 2CV’s had no fuel gauge, but a dipstick below the fuel cap. Therefore, careless or absent-minded people often found themselves with an empty tank. A smart guy came up with the solution: he had a piece cut off the dipstick, so when the dipstick showed 'empty' there were still five litres in the tank.