Vakantie mer de 2CV Kenmerken « La Petite Azure »

Type : 2CV6
Eenden verhuur
Year of construction : 1982
Registration number : AP-873-CC
Fuel : petrol (unleaded 98)
# Seats : 4
# Doors : 4
Lining : fabric
Extra’s   : roller belts in the front and lap belts in the back; original “2CV hat shelf” behind the back seat

A beautifully maintained and striking 2CV6; not in the least because of the azure-blue colour that appeals to the ultimate holiday feeling. The subtle sticker on the back of the car “Ceci n’est pas une voiture, c’est un art de vivre...” makes further comment unnecessary.

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The 2CV was the first car that in 1957, drove over the newly acquired land of Eastern Flevoland without sinking in the marshy ground. From then on the 2CV was the favourite car of the Dutch Ministry of Waterways for transport in the undeveloped polders.