Vakantie mer de 2CV

Team Tour de Canard

Peter van Heijst
Peter is of Dutch origin, but spends most of his time living in the picturesque, French village of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne. Due to upcoming retirement, Peter recently set up a fully equipped workstation/garage in Aubeterre, to pursue his great passion: the repair, restoration and maintenance of 2CV's! A true “2CV addict” Peter has long been loyal to, and crazy about, deux-chevaux cars, because of their striking design, low fuel consumption, high comfort and once cheap purchase price……

Marianne Hazejager
Since 2006 Marianne lives permanently in the French village of Bonnes, located just 5 minutes away from Aubeterre and is your regular contact “sur place” for Tour de Canard.

A shared passion for the beauty of France, a hobby which got out of hand, and a warm friendship, finally resulted in…… Tour de Canard.

The press speaks about us
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Tour de Canard
2CV gossip...
A barber in Hamburg thought his 2CV was too bald and fabricated a curly wig made from 5 pounds of human hair. The story doesn’t mention whether he had to
re-do the curls of its toupee every month.